Harriet Paterson. Born November 12th 1976. First daughter of Susan and Neil Paterson, delivered by Karen. Educated at Rawlins CC, babysitter, waitress,  '94-'95, LCAD and MMU, Textile Design degree '99. Lisbon, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid. New York, The Webster, Rug designer Christine Van Der Hurd inc. Cinquecento, London, Vogue House, Merchandise Editor, The World of Interiors. Kettles Yard, Willow Road, Casa Mollino, Open House. Plain English. Style Director, Livingetc, Modern Industrial, Domestic Science, Botanical. Stylist of the Decade. Perry Green, The 'W', White spaces, Double Denim. Interior Designer. Berry House. Camberwell, eco house. Farrow & Ball, Notting Hill Town House.